Lovecraft online

Feature Thursday, February 12 : The Eldritch Quintuplets

Lovecraft too long, too wordy, too weird? Now you can read Lovecraft... in limerick. Check it out!

Feature Friday, January 9th : Hello Cthulu

Wooo! After many long months, Hello Cthulu is back! If you've never heard of it, what rock have you been hiding under? Go, read, enjoy.

Feature Tuesday, December 16th : In Tenebris Sculptus

If you like mythos related sculpture, you've got to check out this site. These are incredibly disturbing works of art for all their seeming simplicity. They're pretty expensive, least to my wallet.

Feature Thursday, October 16th : Wizard's Attic Cthulhiana

The Wizard's Attic features a plethora of unusual Cthulhiana merchandise, from books, clothes, plushies, and miatures, to canes, stickers, magnets, kits and more.

If you loved me, you'd buy me some.

Feature Monday, September 29th : The New Lodge of Tentacles A Lovecraftian site in English and Spanish, featuring diverse links and items of interest for the fans of cosmic horrors everywhere.

Feature Monday, September 23rd : The Cthulu Gallery

Welcome viewer to the grotesque and often humorous online collection of Mythos artwork and animations. Now if only I could find that Cthulu smiley I've been looking for.

Feature Monday, August 11th : Lovecraft was Here

Lovecraft was Here is a pictoral tour of all the places Lovecraft every visited in his lifetime as well as homes used in his stories. I wonder if someone could start a walking tour or vacation package with this info. heh

Feature Monday, August 4th : Shadows over Westchester

So you thought you knew the story of the X-men. Guess again. In this thirteen chapter retelling of the origins of the X-men, you'll learn the true nature of their "mutant" powers.

Feature Monday, July 21st:

Looking for some truly superlative Lovecraftian webcomics? Look no farther than WeirdAss webcomics. I only found this one about a week ago, but let me just say that the quality of these Mythos comics blow most others out of the water. Check it out now!

Feature Monday, June 30th: R'Lyeh

So you can't get there in person; you can visit it online. Welcome to R'Lyeh, home of the new "Dreaming in R'Lyeh" Magazine, now collecting submissions for Volume 2 due out in September.

Feature Monday June 9th: Letters from Outside

Letters from Outside is a Cthulu Mythos online webzine with many fictional stories, poetry, humor, and non-fiction. Read through their site or submit your own works.

Feature Tuesday, May 27th: HP Lovecraft at the Internet Movie Database

The Internet Movie Database lists over two dozen movies inspired by Lovecraft's stories.

Feature Monday, May 19th: Beyond Books

So you've read all his stories and you're wondering what else is out there. Checkout the Beyond Book's website for some great Mythos adapted movies. In their own words, they bring you "infamous and just plain obscure films and television shows that have been directly inspired by Lovecraft's work." So check out their site and discover movies you never new were made.

Mythos related Webcomics

First, and I think foremost, is The Call of Whatever ( This comic is absolutely hilarious. It's a complete parody and a must read for anyone who enjoys funny Lovecraftian works. While the art is sometimes sketchy, the story itself is the best comedic Lovecraftian work I've ever read. The Call of Whatever follows the adventures of four humans and two "Spawn of Cthulu" and their Occult Help-line business. It updates every Tuesday and Thursday.

Hello Cthulu ( takes beings from the Mythos and tosses them into the Hello Kitty world. It's full color but hasn't updated in some time (unfortunately). While the idea might sound more than a little goofy, it's actually pretty funny. I wish it would update more often. When it updates, it's usually on a Monday.

Now Ghastly Ghastly's Comic ( is defintely Mythos oriented, but the comic is usually sexual in orientation with blatant nudity and sexual acts and ahem, some tentacle sex. It does have it's funny moments, but it's also pretty perverted in most respects and may prove to be more offensive than amusing to a lot of viewers. It's usually in full color and updates on Sundays. Of course there are a few others like Cute Abominations ( which hasn't updated since September '02. It's B&W with some touches of color. UserFriendly ( and Mythocorps ( only occassionally makes use of Cthuloid characters. They're color comics as well. To my knowledge UserFriendly has never missed an update, though Mythocorps does. Elf Only Inn ( has a Cthuloid character called the Eternal Sweeper, but their antics are based on chatroom shinanagins and may not tickle everyone's fancy. Under Power ( also used some Mythos-inspired entities in its beginning, but unfortunately the site seems to have been suspended by its host. It may resurface again at some later date. Tales of the Cthulu Plushy ( was a one shot done with photos. And finally I have to mention MacHall ( did an adorable/demented ministrip in March that had some of the best art I've seen (follow this link and continue to the next comic). Both had me near choking with laughter. For paper comics, try this site - PS. Also read this... if you still need a giggle.

Feel free to explore my other websites, and also check out the list Lovecraft inspired comics below.

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