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Comics I read

With a short description if they can be described
...and just in case you're wondering, yes I do read all of these, in this order, every week, usually before work (if I can) or directly after I arrive home. I'm a webcomic addict you see.
Don't see your comic here? Drop me a line, and I'll consider adding you... if you've got the right stuff.

Comic groups
(you can view their current pages, but pay for archives and some member only comics)
Girl-a-matic A group comic site. I read about half their comics
Modern Tales A group comic site. I read about a third of their comics.
Graphic Smash A group comic site. Some really great comics here.

(More or less) Daily Comics
UserFriendly Geeks and computers, nuff said
College Roomates from Hell Well, I think the name says it all. Kind of makes me glad I commuted from home when I attended
General Protection Fault More Geeks and Computers, but more plot, less silliness
Lizard a cute "furry" comic
Sinfest pokes fun at everything
Sluggy Freelance aliens, demons, alien Santas, a psychotic bunny haunted by The Groundhog's Day shadow... and the humans that, er... love them?
Something Positive read at your own risk, only those with a dark and twisted sense of humor will enjoy this... OK, what're you waiting for?
UC Rats It's like College Roomates from Hell, but all the characters actually like each other
It's Walky immense archives, but well worth the read if you like aliens, secret government organizations, and other enigmas
Devil's Panties I'm at a loss as to how to describe it
Oh My Gods Pagans, Fundies, and everything else in this often silly sometimes thought provoking Pagan comic
Stuff of Legends it's not all maidens in distess and sacks of gold
Kingdom of Fools an interesting synthesis of sci-fi and fantasy

Weekday Comics
Adventurers! RPG characters without a clue
Broadband My Ass demented on so many levels
Boy Meets Boy a very entertaining homosexual comic
Mixed Myth Fantasy takes a flying leap at slapstick and hits it like a ton of flying puffer fish
Once Upon a Table RPG shinannagins
Squinkers An obnoxious preteen antagonizes the adults
Black Tapestries A dark and twisted "furry" tale
Campus Safari Sci-fi furries on Mars
Ban the Basics overprivileged "smart" kids (also updates Saturday)
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire name says it all, very funny stuff (also updates Saturday)
Venus Envy Teens deal with transgender issues (also updates Sunday)
Scary Go Round a whacky British comic (does not update Mondays)
Blue Zombie Cute zombies with pink hair, necromancers, and mystery
Tragic Falls Three immortal siblings in a love/hate relationship in a very strange little town
Least I Could Do really, the very least a man can do (also on Saturdays)
Kozy K: The Sawtooth Heart adventures with the enigmatic Kozy K
Planet Earth aliens, superheros, and role playing
Bob N Ed vampires, jedis, aliens, what's next? (also on Saturdays)

Youthtopia Reality programming taken to a very unhealthy extreme
Firefly Cross a futuristic comic rewriting fantasy as we know it
Eidolic Fringe Well what do *you* think hapens when you fal into a coma?
Cascade Failure not just another computer tech comic
Gate C where strange things pop into the world on a regular basis
Mister Troxin's Warren Who says the undead have to make sense
The Silent Ones all the vampires have been destroyed, or have they?
Van Von Hunter Hunter of evil... stuff
Radioactive Panda Mad scientists, a werewolf, zombies, and angry mobs
Sacred Pie bizarre sci-fi/Christian mythology synthesis updates with 3 comics

Mondays & Thursdays
Deathworld I don't know where I'll go when I die, but I hope it's not here!
No Angel taking place in the same world as Campus Safari and on Earth
A Miracle of Science pure science fiction
A Sorta Wonderland Alice ain't the only one who ever visited Wonderland
Sink or Swim genetically altered kangaroo space-pirates and freedom fighters

Mondays & Fridays
Evilish Fantasy, so far the good guys seem more evil than the bad guys
Mac Hall Comics Most often a commentary on college living, with occassional flights of demented fancy
Counter Culture Retail reality
Krakow 2.0 defies explaination, not recommended for children
Intershadows Coolville is reincarnated
Better Days a furry drama/comedy

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
Life of Riley Starseeds and mentions of "the source" aside, an entertaining comic when it's not taking itself too seriously
Errant Story a new fantasy comic of a perverse tone typical of the creator of Exploitation Now, of course, I'm not saying it isn't hilarious
El Goonish Shive Er, sci-fi, furry, anime-ish comic
Faux Pas Talking animals (not furry)
Jack Furries in Hell, and Jack- the sin of Wrath
Flipside Comics fantasy and some great art
MegaTokyo Hard to describe, but trust me and go read it
Under Power another hard to describe comic, but not right... definitely not right
Buttercup Festival the adventures of a character who looks strangely like Death
Angel Moxie Like Sailor Moon, but younger.
Hero for Hire A brand new comic, so not a lot in the archive, but potentially funny
Alien Dice it takes the gaming community to a whole new, unpleasant, level
Innies and Outties kiddies being typical kiddies
Stupidity in Magic Egads this comic is so true. If you're a practicing Pagan (like me), you'll want to check this comic out. It's awesome!
Twilight Agency A world transformed by science to fantasy, kind of ironic, dontcha think (text story updates Monday and Thursday)
Venus Envy a comic about transgender issues (also updating Sundays)
Wapsis Square Not a bad comic, definitely geared toward a female audience IMO
Lost and Found returning on August 18th from a long, long hiatus, the Lost and Found Investigations will soon be back on the case
Asylumantics some rather ghoulish denizens of a rather unique insane asylum
ModComics features two comics, Monkey and Cthulu and of course, Mod Comics
New World what happens when an evil Magi with pretty much absolute power gets bored
Elsie Hooper one young man hunts through a nightmare filled with aliens for his kid sister
Strange Daze what if reality wasn't as real as you thought
Intelligent Life aliens finally come to earth. They're not as smart as we thought, but then, neither are we it seems.

Tuesdays & Thursdays
The Call of Whatever A tongue in cheek spoof all things Lovecraftian
Kota's World ever want to live on the internet? these guys do (also updates Saturday and Sunday)
Polymercity Chronicles though updates are erratic at the moment, go through the archives and tell me this comic isn't great
Slackers a surprising well made comic considering its subject matter
Tonja Steele the best description that leaps to mind would be biker bar soap opera
Adventurers Get your fill of RPG stereotypes here
MallMonkeys oddly enough, when I worked at the mall, there were people like this who seemed to live there... sans nudity of course

Tuesday & Friday
The Gods of Arrkelaan I just started reading this one and can't stop.
Mory's Education a furry comedy starring... Morry
No Angel Another fine furry sci-fi comic from the folks at
Wake Up Screaming I would too if this was my reality
Wings of Change a great little fantasy comic (also on Sundays)

Desert Rose I'm not sure where it's going, but it's not a bad little comic
HFT Comics Ooooo! clueless mutants and superheros

Zebra Girl what's a girl to do when she's accidentally been turned into a bipedal demon-zebra?
Fuzzy Knights even stuffed animals like RPGs
Dungeon Crawl Inc started as a sprite comic and definitely got better
Better Days furry comic
Nikki of the Abyss just your average spell casting teenager
Hello Cthulu Poor little Cthulu, trapped in the Hello Kitty world, I feel for him... boohoohoo ::sob::

File 49 government conspiracies and genetic manipulation
the compleat alice a new comic, so not much in the archives yet, but the art is great and the story looks to be very interesting
Pillars of Faith Buffy may be over, but Faith is still going strong (also on Thursdays)
Reality Check Check please!
The Compleat Alice spirits, fae, and guns

Saturday & Wednesday
Breakpoint City silly science fiction
Killroy and Tina great sci-fi and art, somewhat silly
Wereworld Fantasy meets sci-fi, furries, shapeshifters, cyborgs, magic (nudity)
Reveillerie fantasy comic, very nice art, hasn't been around long enough to really describe the plot

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic Ahem, read at your own risk, sometimes funny, quite often perverse, with nudity
TimeScapes time travelling, furries, and demons
What is Roleplaying another RPG comic with some unforgetable characters
Partiality Clips testing the bounds of acceptable taste
Ninja Burger Join the grew at ninja burger for good foods and assassinations
Nine Swords vampires, werewolves, and other people... in a post apocalyptic world (I think)
A Wish For Wings angels, demons, and Otherkin

Sunday and Wednesday
Pure a sci-fi western from the folks at Cyantia (also on Sundays)
Seen a Ghost weird things happen after a seance

Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday
Chasing the Sunset a dragon, a pixies, elvish children, and a quest
Treasure Hunters a furry fantasy comic

Irratically updating comics
Golden Age geriatric heroes
Cup of Suffering the level of insanity is matched only by the level of... ok, it's just insane
Bunny Extreme Hell ain't big enough for Bunny, eldest daughter of Satan... looks like she'll have to go to Heaven to lay some whoop-ass on some angels
The Nephilum all you thought you know about reincarnation and hell will have to be redefined though the quality of the art is mostly poor, the originality of the story lines more than makes up for it
Aido furries, demons.... yup, another one of those, but some great art and potentially interesting story lines
Deadman's Party Psychotic spirits, angels, and evil scientists
Dwarf Lover This is probably the only "sprite comic" you'll ever catch me reading... and only cause it's the most messed up thing I've ever seen
Lethal Doses excellent when it updates, and great artwork
Weirdism Well the name is apt
Mr. Trioxin's Warren psychotic vampire comics, yay!
Alice I honestly think Alice is based on my childhood
Lethargic Lad parodying comics, movies, books, and whatever else they feel like
Ignorance Deserves Death I couldn't agree more
No Need for Bushido Fuedal Japan was never so wacky
Repository of Dangerous Things name says it all, walk carefully
Sea of Insanity the old gods never left, they just don't work for a living any more
Red Lexi fantasy with nice art, usually B&W
Shifters Vampires, were-creatures, and the one girl without a clue what she really is
Geebas on Parade from the creator of Devil's Panties, a Solar spoof (which hasn't updated in a while)
Nahast Serious fantasy, excellent artwork
Conscrew common wild life found at Cons
Terinu aliens, bar fights, genetically created races, and god complexes
Damaged is genetic manipulation really such a good thing
Tailsteak from the creator of 1/0
Sword in Hand fantasy very loosely based on RPG
Dragon Boy Occassionally with plot and occassionally funny and recently occassionally updating
Blackthorn A good fantasy comic, when it updates

ClownSquad Gasp, superhero clown in (some) flash comics in a hilarious parody of the Marvel universe. Not sure of the update schedule.
Paradox Another excellent fantasy comic, usually B&W
Hotel Grim if I have to go to purgatory when I die, I hope it's not like this
The Realm of Kaerwyn ever wonder what happens to all those unexplained disappearances that are supposed to occur every year? Maybe they ended up here.
Return to Sender a cheap apartment is not necessarily a good thing
Voices in my Hand demented, sometimes supernatural, humor
Ghost 2138 a far off, insane future
Slightly Schizophrenic alien invasion or insanity, well, the main character does talk to herself (also on Tuesdays)
Morning Star Lucifer as a "good guy?"

1/0 errr, experimental?
The Keepers of the Forest So much like Elf-Quest (a defunct paper comic), the characters could have been traced
Unicorn Jelly This is a must-read sci-fi, very original and detailed, go, read
Mythocorp wouldn't you like to work with aliens, demons, and various spawn of the Elder Gods, come on, I know you would
Fantastical Bestiary defies explanation
Elf Only Inn a parody of fantasy chatrooms that accomodates many more characters than just elves
Get With the Program a somewhat confused sci-fi
Kelen A somewhat sophisticated fantasy, with a skewed sense of humor

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